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Employee Stock Ownership Plans


Are you wondering if you need to restructure the ownership of your company to offer stock ownership to your employees?  


This is a very important question for your business and one that should be considered with caution and through the use of wise counsel.


The four main reasons you'll need a valuation for your ESOP are:

  1. When the ESOP makes its first acquisition of stock

  2. Every year after the first acquisition

  3. Transactions with related parties

  4. If the ESOP is selling out


If your company is already an ESOP or you decide to convert the ownership of your business to an ESOP, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


ESOP Valuations are one of our specialties and we greatly enjoy working with them because every company is interesting in its own way.  We have valued ESOPs ranging from small electrical companies to one hundred million dollar medical device companies.  


Contact us today to discuss your ESOP Valuation (512)452-6900


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