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Buying, Operating and Selling businesses is how The Benaglio Group got started in the valuation industry over 20 years ago.  


Mike owned 8 restaurants in Lubbock, TX called, 'Benaglio's Deli' that he sold to several different buyers including Jason's Deli.  


Mike's natural talent for numbers and entrepreneurship led him to buy, operate and sell businesses in four states before landing in Austin with a business brokerage firm.  Soon, Mike opened his first business brokerage firm, BMCI, Benaglio's Marketing and Consulting International.  

After many years of success, Mike became fascinated with the process of valuing companies and began the education process to be a business valuator or appraiser.  Today Mike is one of the most educated and experienced business brokers in Texas having valued and sold thousands of companies over the past 23 years.  


When you hire The Benaglio Group to sell your company a professional buy/sell valuation is included in the process.  We will perform a site visit and interview with the owner and key staff as well as analyze the financials and market data to give you a better idea of your company's worth.  Our database of buyers are always looking to The Benaglio Group for quality business listing to invest in or purchase.  Contact us today to get the process started!


Selling a Business

Business Brokerage

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