Mike, Cal & Race Benaglio

Mike Benaglio


As an entrepreneur, Mike has valued, purchased and sold over 2,500 companies.  His education, experience and expertise in the area of business valuation is tantamount to the success of company owners all over the United States.  


Mike's professional passion is working with people to achieve a goal that benefits all parties involved.  He goes for the Win-Win-Win scenario in every case and doesn't compromise his integrity.  Mike's opinion of value for your company will be the same, regardless of outside influences.  This rare form of integrity in this industry is what has led The Benaglio Group to be court appointed in Travis County more times than any other expert in Austin, TX.  


Personally, Mike's favorite place to be is in his outdoor kitchen cooking an inspired meal for friends and family members.  Mike and his wife, Debbie, host a myriad of nonprofit events at their property in Northwest Austin throughout the year, further showing that they have the most fun when they're serving others.    

Cal Benaglio


After joining The Benaglio Group in 2007, Cal earned a Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation.  During this time, John Anderson CPA officed with The Benaglio Group and mentored Cal in the methodologies of Tracing & Characterization of Separate & Community Property.  Cal's experience and education in these two fields has equipped him to be a highly effective analyst.


As a mediator, Cal's main focus is on helping families reduce the impact of divorce on children through assisting with parenting plans.  Cal enjoys presenting Continuing Education courses on the subject of conflict resolution in organizations and interpersonal relationships.  


Cal and his wife have two amazing children under the age of 3 who keep him busy, sleepy and happy!  As soon as Lake Travis gets back to full strength, Cal will be back on the water, hosting his family and friends to picnic food, embellished stories and hilarious attempts at wakeboarding (He's 6'4" and weighs over 240 lbs) 

Race Benaglio


After earning his philosophy degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA Race worked with The Benaglio Group for 5 years remotely and moved to Austin in 2014 to fully operate billing, IT, industry research and report narrative editing for The Benaglio Group.  


Race's fiance' is a musician and vocalist with her own YouTube Channel and regularly produces popular covers and original albums.  Their dog, Beans, is a beloved member and mascot of The Benaglio Group.