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Council Amends Code Regulating Adult Oriented Businesses

AUSTIN -- Opening a strip club or other adult oriented business (AOB) in downtown Austin got a little more complicated Thursday after the city council unanimously voted to amend city code, implementing additional rules.

The change came about after a business expressed interest in opening an adult lounge, essentially a strip club, on the corner of Fifth Street and Congress Avenue -- right across from the Mexic Arte Museum, which has been at that location since 1988.

"We've seen the transformation of downtown from, I guess, a little city to a booming prosperous downtown," said Sylvia Orozco, executive director of the museum.

Inside, staff educates visitors on Mexican culture, particularly Austin Independent School District students.

"We get, probably about 2,000 kids that come through our tours here at the museum. We also have a teen apprentice program where the kids come and learn and take workshops," said Orozco.

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